Snow Plowing Policy


There are over 77 miles of center‐line streets in the Town of Webster. Therefore, it is important for the Department of Public Works to use its resources wisely with cooperation from the residents to minimize the cost.

Plow Routes: The streets are plowed and treated in order of priority. Main (collector) roads are addressed first. Side streets are done next, then dead‐end streets. Side streets will remain unplowed if the main roads require repeat plowing due to heavy volume of snowfall. This may seem unfair to the residents of side streets or dead‐ends, but the main roads must remain open.

Blocked Driveways: All snow plows angle the same way ‐ to the driver’s right. While plowing, the plow will push the snow in front of a residential driveway. The homeowner is responsible for access to his/her driveway. The only way to avoid additional snow removal is to wait until DPW work crews have completed their final clean up of your road.

Snow & Ice from Sidewalks: General By-laws of the Town of Webster Article I Chapter 555

§ 555-1 Snow to be removed within 24 hours: The tenant, occupant and in case there be no tenant, the owner or person having the care of any estate abutting any street, lane, court, or square, within the limits of the Town where there is a sidewalk, or may hereafter be established or set apart as such, shall after any snow-fall and with 24 hours, cause the same to be removed therefrom.

§ 555-2 Maintenance of snow removal: Whenever any snow shall be collected or deposited upon any sidewalk as mentioned in the preceding section, either by falling from an adjacent building or by drifting upon said sidewalk, the tenant, occupant, owner or the person having charged of the estate abutting said sidewalk shall, within six hours if in the daytime, and if in the night-time, by noon of the next day, cause the same to be removed therefrom.  

§ 555-3 Ice on sidewalk: Whenever any sidewalk shall be encumbered with ice, it shall be the duty of the tenant, occupant, and in case there be no tenant, the owner or persons having the care of the estate abutting thereon, to cause such sidewalk to be made safe and convenient for travel by removing the ice therefrom or by covering the same with sand or some suitable substance within 12 hours after such sidewalk becomes encumbered.

§ 555-4 Deposit of snow onto public way: No person in charge of, or in control of any property within the Town, whether owner, tenant, or otherwise, shall deposit snow in any manner (shoveling, snow blowing, plowing or other) onto a public way including streets and sidewalks during or following a snow storm.

Mailbox Damage: The Town of Webster is not responsible for damage to private property that is located within the public right of way. In many cases the right of way extends 10 feet or more on either side of a paved or gravel road, and is often confused by property owners as their own property. Some homeowners often cultivate extensions of their lawns, place mailboxes, erect fences or stone walls in these areas, which improve the overall appearance of the street, but are obstructive to good maintenance being conducted on the roadway.

A snow windrow must be pushed back as far as possible for many reasons such as:

Prevention of melting snow water from running onto the pavement and causing hazardous icing conditions

Space for future snow storage generated from additional snow events

To permit maximum possible view of oncoming traffic from the roadway

Traffic safety

Mailboxes located within road limits exist by sufferance only with the responsibility assumed by the owner. It is not possible for the Town to replace or repair any type of structure erected by an abutting land owner within the public right of way that has been damaged as a result of highway maintenance, construction work or snow operations.

Parking: Once the Parking Ban goes into effect, avoid parking on the streets. Should your vehicle be parked on the street causing an obstruction to snow removal vehicles, your vehicle may be ticketed or removed by the Town of Webster Police Department.  

What can Citizens do to help the Snow Removal Efforts?

  • DO NOT park on the street.
  • DO remove snow and ice from your walkways.
  • DO be patient as we make multiple passes to get the roads clear.
  • DO stay off the roads if possible. Fewer cars mean that our drivers can plow without additional hazards. If you do go out, keep a safe distance from the Town’s plows
  • DO NOT brush snow from cars into the street.
  • DO NOT shovel snow from driveways or sidewalks into the street.
  • DO be aware that residents are responsible for the actions of their contractors.

Residents who may have any questions, please call the Webster Highway Department @ 508.949.3862

Parking ban notifications are sent through the Towns Code Red System be sure to sign up if you want to receive these.