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Parking Ban Notifications are sent through the Towns Code Red System be sure to sign up if you want to receive these.

You may also call 508-949-3859 for automated Parking Ban Updates


The following streets will be resurfaced through the 2022 summer and the fall season (weather permitting): 


Pinehurst Dr / Ellen St .          Applebee Ave –Section              Myrtle Ave -               

Hillside Ave                               Harvard St                                     Thompson Rd – Section

Brodeur Ave                              Reibe Ave

Morris St                                    Lepine Dr

Gore Rd –Section                     Union Pt –Section

                                                     PT. Breeze Rd – Section

                                                    Upper Gore Rd –Section

 **Any and all questions in regards to roadways – drainage –etc; Please call the HWY –DEPT at 1-508-949-3862**


We appreciate your cooperation through the seasons.

stormwater management

Wherever you are, whether it is in Webster, another state, or elsewhere in the world, Stormdrainstormwater management is a crucial part of being environmentally responsible – both as a resident and as a commercial or industrial enterprise. Stormwater management simply refers to the management of surface runoff which results from rain or snow melt. Stormwater travels through a different system than wastewater and stormwater ultimately lands in local bodies of water such as the French River and Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

The Town of Webster must implement specific policies and procedures to help reduce pollution in local waterbodies through a number of stormwater management tools including public outreach and education. Learn how you can be a part of the solution. CLICK HERE.