Board of Library Trustees

Name Role Term Expires
Rena Klebart Chairwoman 2025
Donna Becker Vice Chair 2023
Jeanne Mikels Secretary 2024
Martina Koziak Treasurer 2023
Susan Buehler Member 2023
Mary Chabot Member 2025
Evelyn Pappas Member 2024


The Library Board of Trustees meet the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 unless otherwise posted.


The Board of Library of Trustees consists of seven community members elected by the Town for a three-year term, to whom the governing of the public library is entrusted.

Board members are the vital link between the library and the community. Trustees are library advocates and leaders in developing service willingly, responsibly and creatively for all members of the public.

The Trustees establish policies with respect to the programs and services of the Library. They receive and administer all funds and personal property bequeathed to the Library. The Library Director manages the Library under the direction of the Trustees.