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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

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  • Location: Webster Board of Selectmen Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, 350 Main Street
  • Time: 5:30 p.m.


1. Call to Order and Announcements

2.  Public Meeting 2A:  9 Wakefield Ave. - Richard Gauger (Applicant/Owner) - Retaining Wall. (Continued from 5/9/23)

2.  Public Meeting 2B: 77 Bates Point Road – Randy and Donna Becker (Applicant/Owner) – Replace and extend deck, patio and steps.

2.  Public Meeting 2C:  9 Kate Lane – Frank Scavone (Applicant/Owner) – Construction of a 3 Car Garage & Driveway.

3. Public Hearing 3A: 46 West Point Road - DEP #323-1244 - Jason Tubo (Applicant) - Repair of Existing Retaining Wall.  (Continued from 5/9/23).

3. Public Hearing 3B: 27 South Point Road – James Palo (Applicant) – Raze existing dwelling and construct a new, including a seasonal dock. (Continued from 5/9/23).

3. Public Hearing 3C: 306 Killdeer Road - DEP#323-1249- Michael and Roberta Compson (Applicant/Owner) - Site work for a single family house. (Continued from 5/9/23)

3.  Public Hearing 3D:  11 Bates Grove Road – DEP# 323-1175 Sunset Trust, LLC, Michael O’Brien, Manager, Amend and extend the order of conditions for 1 year. – Installation of an in-ground swimming pool.  

4. Action Item 4A; Approval of a planting plan per a special conditions in order of conditions – 14 Bates Crossing, Gregory & Lisa Garabedian (Owner) DEP#323-1228.

4. Action Item 4B: Cease and Desist – 73 Birch Island Road – Anthony Detarando (Owner) – Filling-in Shoreline

4.  Action Item 4C:  Acknowledge an open meeting law violation has been filed against the Conservation Commission.   Vote to authorize the staff to reply.

5.  Draft Meeting Minutes: April 24, 2023 and May 9, 2023.

6. Old Business 6A: Violation – DEP #323-1197 – 0 Goddard Street, Lots 1 and 2 (also known as 25A and 25B Goddard Street); Elijah Ketola (Applicant) construction of two single-family houses. (Continued from 5/9/23).

6 Old Business 6B: Request for an Extension of an Enforcement Order – DEP #323-1194 – 67 Colonial Road  David Arnold (Owner). (Continued from 5/9/23).

6. Old Business 6C: Enforcement Order – 71R Minebrook Road – Matthew Weatherbee (Owner) - Clearing (Continued from 5/9/23).

6. Old Business 6D: Cease and Desist Letter – 290 Thompson Road; Sanat Patel Trustee (Owner) – Encroached / filled-in wetland area. (Continued 5/9/23)

6.  Old Business 6E:  Enforcement Order – 90B Sutton Road – Jack Courville (Owner) – Filled in wetlands area.

6. Old Business 6F: Verbal Stop Work (Complaint) - 88 Lakeside Ave – Judith Colecchi (Owner); Patio (Continued from 5/9/23)

6. Old Business 6G: Cease and Desist – 2 South Point Road – Ronald Brigham (Owner) - Disturbing Land by the water. (Continued from 5/9/23)

7.  Staff Report

9. Next Meeting Date – June 5,, 2023 - Webster Selectmen Meeting Room

10. Adjournment