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2022 Conservation Commission Schedule & Submission Deadlines


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Monday, September 19, 2022File Folders Stock Image

  • Location: Board of Selectmen Meeting Room, Webster Town Hall, 2nd Floor, 350 Main Street Webster, MA
  • Time: 5:30 p.m.


1. Call to Order

2. Public Meeting 2A: Request for Determination of Applicability - 55 Wakefield Avenue - Robert & Nancy French (Applicant) - repair retaining wall (continued from 8/29/22).

2. Public Meeting 2B: Request for Determination of Applicability - 7 Cedar Drive - Denys Milan (Applicant); Landscaping, walkway.

2, Public Meeting 2C: Request for Determination of Applicability - 68 Lakeside Avenue - Gary Shannon (Applicant); Residential dock.

3. Public Hearing 3A: Notice of Intent - 0 Thompson Road (also known as 300 Thompson Road) - Three Hundred LLC (Applicant) - expansion of an existing parking facility.  Continued from 8/29/22.

4. Action Item 4A: Request for Certificate of Compliance DEP #323-1004- 300 Thompson Road, Three Hundred LLC (Applicant); commercial parking facility.  Continued from 8/15/22.

4. Action Item 4B: Request for Certificate of Compliance DEP #323-476; 3 Birchwood Drive, Jeffrey & Brian Czechowski, Trustees (Applicants)

4. Action Item 4C: Request for Certificate of Compliance DEP #323-1086; 18 West Wind Drive, Mark Gardell (Applicant); water and sewer connection.

4. Action Item 4D: Request for Certificate of Compliance DEP #323-1107 - 18 West Wind Drive – Mark Gardell (Applicant) – Construction of a single family house

4. Action Item 4E: Request for Certificate of Compliance DEP #323-862 - 1 Cudworth Road – Lelanite Corporation (Applicant) – construct an attached building and freestanding building with grading.

4. Action Item 4F: Rescind Vote: Correspondence - Anthony Gargulinski; Complaint Against Point Breeze Marina Wrongfully Blocking Right of Access to Private Property; dated August 10, 2022.

4. Action Item 4G: Draft Meeting Minutes for Approval - August 29, 2022.

4. Action Item 4H: Revision to Tree Policy

5. Old Business 5A: Violation DEP #323-1197 - 0 Goddard Street, Lots 1 and 2; Elijah Ketola (Applicant), construction of two single family houses.

5. Old Business 5B: Violation and Enforcement Order - 56 Worcester Road – Enforcement Order for work right up next to a wetland

6.   Next Meeting Date – October 3, 2022; Webster Town Hall

7.   Adjournment