Notice of Intent Costs


Checks made payable to the "Town of Webster" must be submitted at the time of application for the following:

  1. The Town's portion under the State Filing Fee.  This is calculated by MassDEP as part of their application process.
  2. The Town's Administrative Fee of $105.  This covers the cost of advertising the public hearing notice.
  3. Peer Review Fees - if applicable. A peer review deposit will be required for major projects and in cases where violations occur. The Conservation Agent and/or the Conservation Commission will assess the amount of peer review fees required on a case-by-case basis. Unused peer review funds will be returned once a Certificate of Compliance has been issued.  


The State requires that you notify the abutters within 100 feet of your project site based on a certified abutters list which you can obtain from the Town of Webster Assessor Office.  Certified Abutters Lists are only valid for six months. There are several options for abutter notification:

  1. Certificate of Mailing from the Post Office
  2. Certified Mail with Return Receipt from the Post Office
  3. Hand Delivery: you can hand deliver the notice and have your neighbors fill in our Evidence of Notification form.  Please contact the Planning and Conservation Department for more information.


State Law requires that you file your Order of Conditions at the Worcester District Registry of Deeds (WDRD) prior to the start of work. The Registry is located at 90 Front Street.  There is a filing fee. For more information, please visit their website: Worcester Registry of Deeds