Planning Board Meeting Materials - September 16, 2019

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1. 6:30 p.m. - Call to Order

2. Action Item 2A: Approval of Meeting Minutes - August 5, 2019.

2. Action Item 2B: Approval Not Required (ANR) Plan - 104 Thompson Road - Lebel Realty Investments, Inc. / Doug Lebel (Applicant / Owner); Application Form; Plan

2. Action Item 2C: Approval Not Required (ANR) Plan - 59 Cushing Road - Brian Hickey (Applicant / Owner); Application; Plan.

2. Action Item 2D: Request for Determination of Completeness and Release of Peer Review Fund balance; Dominique Drive; Carlo Panarelli (Developer).

2. Action Item 2E: Request for Determination of Minor Modification – Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Project - 0 Bigelow Road – Approved July 16, 2018; Bieglow Road Solar LLC (Applicant); Requesting: proposed access drives, relocated point of interconnection along Bigelow Road.

2. Action Item 2F: Request for Determination of Minor Modification – Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Project - 0 School Street (access off Malden Drive) – Approved May 18, 2018; Batten Street Solar LLC (Applicant); Requesting: proposed additon of entergy story system (batteries).

2. Action Item 2G: DRAFT DECISION: Project - 0 Juniper Lane - Juniper Lane Solar, LLC (Applicant); Kathryn Rose (0 Juniper Lane - Assessor ID 11-A-7-6), Finamore Management Company (0 Harvard Street -  Assessor ID 10-A-34-0, 0 Klebart Avenue - Assessor ID 11-A-8-0)  - Owners. Proposed large scale ground mounted 8 megawatt solar project on 60 acres off Juniper Lane. Project area will consist of 19 acres spanning three parcels zoned Agricultural Single Family Residential (ASFR) or Conservation District (CD). The Public Hearing closed on 7/22/19.

3. Discussion Item 3A - Recreational Marijuana Retail Shop - 70 Worcester Road; Permitting Update - Mike Botelho.

4. Public Hearing 4A - Definitive Subdivsion Plan - 0 & 153 Upper Gore Road - Janet S. Konkel Revocable Living Trust, Janet S. Konkel Trustee (0 Upper Gore Road - Assessor ID 52-A-1) and Victor J. Stefanik, Jr. (153 Upper Gore Road - Assessor ID 53-B-4) - Owners; four (4) lot subdivsion; both properties are zoned Agricultural Single Family Residential (ASFR) within the Lake Watershed Protection (LWP) district (continued from 6/24/19).

4. Public Hearing 4B - Special Permit – Signage – 71 East Main Street: Kentucky Fried Chicken / Taco Bell - Charter Foods North LLC (Applicant) and Mardiroisian Realty LLC (Owner) pertaining to the installation of exterior signs on an existing building and parking lot located within the Business with Sewer (B-4) zoning district. (Assessor ID 15-E-30-0).

5. Correspondence

6. Staff Update 

  • a. 168 Main Street – Potential Restaurant
  • b. 13 & 15 Old Worcester Road – Stormwater Permit
  • c. 2020 Meeting Schedule / Location
  • d. Annual Town Meeting Warrant Articles

5. Any items which may lawfully come before the Board.

6. Adjournment