Planning Board Meeting Materials - July 29, 2019

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1. 6:45 p.m. - Call to Order

2. Action Item 2A: DRAFT DECISION - Solar Project - 0 & 53 Upper Gore Road - BWC Chamberlain Pond LLC c/o BlueWave Solar - Applicant; Janet S. Konkel Revocable Living Trust, Janet S. Konkel Trustee (0 Upper Gore Road - Assessor ID 52-A-1) and Victor J. Stefanik, Jr. (153 Upper Gore Road - Assessor ID 53-B-4) - Owners; Proposed 6 megawatt-AC solar project on 133 acres off Upper Gore Road; both properties are zoned Agricultural Single Family Residential (ASFR) within the Lake Watershed Protection (LWP) district. The public hearing closed on May 20, 2019.

3. Any items which may lawfully come before the Board.

4. Adjournment