Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Materials - April 3, 2018


1. Call to Order

2. Public Hearings – 6:00 p.m.

A. Variance - 4 Clark Street – Petitioner is seeking a variance for required lot area for the purposes of adding a third living unit in the existing structure. Camarqui Franco (Owner), Rosaura Hernandez (Applicant), Assessor's ID 14-G-2-0.

B. Variance - 30 South Point Road - Petitioner is seeking a variance for side yard setback for the second floor of a new house to be constructed in same location as existing house which is to be demolished. Gerald Evans (Applicant / Owner), Assessor's ID 46-A-25-O.

C. Special Permit - 37 Sutton Road - Petitioner is seeking a Special Permit to allow indoor fitness / recreation uses such as cheerleading training, yoga, dance or other similar uses in a currently vacant portion of an existing building. Great Bay, LLC (Applicant / Owner), Assessor's ID M/B/L 86-D-1.

D. Special Permit - 18 Poland Street - Petitioner is seeking a Special Permit to operate an automobile sales business on the property. Luis Concepcion (Applicant), Carmen Concepcion (Owner), Assessor Parcel ID 13-H-16-0.

3. Action Items - Approval of Minutes

4. Staff Report

5. Any items which may lawfully come before the Board

6. Next Meeting Date

7. Adjournment