Report a Concern

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Ride past a pothole every morning on your way to work? Walk past a burned-out streetlight on your way home every night? Want to report an unshoveled or icy sidewalk? Notice unsightly graffiti in your neighborhood? Help the Town fix these and other problems by reporting them through Webster eReport.

Webster eReport is your direct connection for commonly requested Town services. By using Webster eReport, your request is automatically assigned to the responsible department, and you are given contact information in order to be able to follow up on your request if needed. Reporting an issue takes only a minute and helps make our Town a better place to live, work and visit!

Submit a Report

Report a Pothole

Report a pothole to the Public Works' Highway Department for inspection and repair.

Report a Defective Streetlight

Report a defective streetlight or park light to National Grid.

Report Graffiti / Litter

Report graffiti or litter to the Public Works' Highway Department

Memorial Park Beach

Report issues regarding Memorial Park Beach to the Parks and Cemetery Department.

Report an Unshoveled Walkway

Report an unshoveled sidewalk to the Webster Police Department.   

Report a Possible Health Risk

Report possible health risks to Inspectional Services.

Report a Nuisance Property

Report a nuisance property to Inspectional Services.

Report a Water Issue

Report water quality issues to the Water Department.