Our K-9s

Webster K9s

In 2009 Webster K9s were deployed on 79 different occasions. They are broken down into 27 Narcotic Searches, 23 Tracks, 21 Building and area searches, two School Narcotic Searches, one miscellaneous Patrol deployment, five public demonstrations.

In 2010 Webster K9’s were deployed 74 times. This is broken down into 25 tracks, 18 Narcotic searches (vehicle), four narcotic searches (non-vehicle), 13 Building searches, five area searches, four school searches, and 8 public demonstrations.

In 2011 (through September) Webster K9s were deployed for 23 tracks, 27 Building searches (Area and Narcotic), 20 MV Narcotic Searches, seven Community Demonstrations, two School Narcotic Searches and used to assist in eight Search Warrants