Detective Bureau

About the Bureau Detective badge

The Webster Police Department’s Detective Bureau is charged with the task of investigating any and all complaints of crimes. The Detective Bureau handles all types of crimes from the simplest assault to the most serious felonies. There are currently three Detectives assigned to the Detective Bureau and their roles and responsibilities are multi-faceted.

The Webster Police Detective Bureau reports directly to the Services Division Commander. Detectives assigned to the Detective Bureau are assigned cases based upon a priority system. Detectives routinely enlist the assistance of members of the Patrol Division to help with large scale investigations of any kind.


Lieutenant Gordon Wentworth, Services Division Commander
Detective Sergeant Christopher Trainor, Investigations Supervisor
Detective Timothy Whiting, Investigations
Detective Bruce Hamm, Investigations
Detective Philip Hurton, Narcotics

Drug & Counter Crime

The Webster Police Department’s Detectives are also assigned to the South Worcester Drug and Counter Crime Task Force and regularly participate in and assist with multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations, most of which have some link to the Town of Webster.

Crime Scene Investigation

The Webster Police Department’s Detective Bureau is also responsible for Crime Scene Investigation and processing. Webster Police Detectives routinely process crime scenes for forensic evidence using a multitude of different applications and technologies. All evidence collected is submitted to the crime lab for processing and Webster Detective’s work closely with other municipal and state agencies for the prompt and accurate analysis of the evidence submitted.

Submit a Tip

The Webster Police Department Detective Bureau prides itself on citizen interaction. It is widely recognized that citizen information is of the utmost importance. If you have any information regarding a crime, please notify the Detective Bureau at the Crime Tips Line 508-949-3874. Anonymous tips are welcome.