Personnel Advisory Board

Elaine Davies June 30, 2023 Moderator
Jennifer Findlay June 30, 2024 Moderator
Sarah Sansom June 30, 2023 Finance Committee
Joshua Sterczala June 30, 2023 Finance Committee
Candace Shivers June 30, 2023 Board of Selectmen
Patricia Nectow June 30, 2023 Board of Selectmen
Richard LaFond   Town Administrator
  1. Richard LaFond

    Town Administrator

  2. Courtney Friedland

    Assistant Town Administrator/HR Director


To advise the Town Administrator and Board of Selectmen on all facets of Webster’s human resources system, including the development, review, and implementation of human resources policies, processes, guidance, organization, management, and training in order to further the development of a qualified, well managed, customer-oriented workforce. To accomplish this the Board conducts studies and analyses as needed. The Board promotes positive dialogue and consensus building.


Webster’s human resources system meets the challenges of the 21st century, ensuring that its managers and workforce are in step with the town’s vision and goals, understand what is expected of them, welcome constructive feedback for continuous improvement, promote innovation and creativity, enhance professional development, have the tools and training needed to excel and meet changing needs, and ensure a fair and equitable compensation scheme and workplace.