Damage to Private Property Policy

Broken Mailbox Winter

Town of Webster
Board of Selectmen Damage to Private Property Policy

Adopted November 9, 2015

The Town of Webster is not responsible for damage to private property that is located within the public right of way. In many cases the right of way extends 10 feet or more on either side of a paved or gravel road, and is often confused by property owners as their own property. Some homeowners often cultivate extensions of their lawns, place mailboxes, erect fences or stone walls in these areas, which improve the overall appearance of the street, but are obstructive to good maintenance being conducted on the roadway.

A snow windrow must be pushed back as far as possible for many reasons such as:

• Traffic safety
• Space for future snow storage generated from additional snow events
• Prevention of melting snow water from running onto the pavement and causing hazardous icing conditions
• To permit maximum possible view of oncoming traffic from the roadway

Mailboxes located within road limits exist by sufferance only with the responsibility assumed by the owner. It is not possible for the Town to replace or repair any type of structure erected by an abutting land owner within the public right of way that has been damaged as a result of highway maintenance, construction work or snow operations.