Conservation Filing Fees

Webster Conservation Commission Filing Fees

The Webster Conservation Commission is authorized by the Wetlands Protection Act and 310 CMR 4.0 to collect and retain fees for permit and certain other application tasks to offset the costs of administering the act. Fees can be used for all WPA purposes, including staff time spent on the act.

The Town adopted MGL Ch. 44 sec. 53G which allows establishment of a peer review account. The Commission retains the right to request additional fees be provided in the event the initial deposit is exhausted. No additional work pertinent to the applicable filing will be conducted until requested fees are received.

The following constitutes the Town of Webster local filing fees adopted at their meeting of July 21, 2014. These shall be provided by separate check from local fee required under the Act:


Admin. Fee (including advertisement)        $50.00 
NOI or ANRAD    
Admin. Fee (includes advertisement)   $75.00
Initial peer review deposit:    
  Minor Project defined as a single lot no permanent impacts   $250.00
  Major Project defines as all others   $1,000.00
Admin. Fee   $25.00
Admin. Fee   $25.00