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Board / Committee / Commission Volunteer Application

  1. Apply to be Appointed or Reappointed to a Board or Committee.
    Any registered voter residing full-time in the Town of Webster may apply to be appointed to a committee. Please refer to the Town of Webster Committee Handbook for more information. The Handbook can be found on the Town's website under the Boards & Committees Resources webpage.
  2. Instructions
    Please fill out all the fields. Required fields are marked with an *. Please contact the Office of the Board of Selectmen if you have questions at (508) 949-3800 x1005. Thank you.
  3. Please provide us with at least one phone number that you can be reached at.
  4. Are you seeking a new appointment to reappointment to an existing Board or Committee?*
  5. Please list the names of all Town committees or boards to which you were previously elected or appointed to.
  6. Please outline any relevant education, special training and/or volunteer or business experience that is relevant to the position sought. You can attach a resume at the end of the form. If so, please indicate "see attached" in this field.
  7. Please list any skills, experiences, and/or talents pertinent to the position sought.
  8. Please state your reasons for interest in serving on this particular Board or Committee. You can attach a letter of interest at the end of this form. If so, please indicate "see attached" in this field.
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