Abutter Notification - What Do I Need to Know?

Who / what are Abutters?

Abutters are property owners immediately adjacent to or within a specified radius of any given property. Abutters are notified two times: 1) public hearing notice to inform them of the date, time, place and subject matter of the application and 2) a notice of decision after the a decision has been made / filed and also includes information on how to appeal decision.

Do all permits require abutter notification?

Abutter notification may be required depending on the type of permit. In those cases, the typical requirement for notification is 300 feet from the full perimeter of the property line of the lot you are seeking a permit for. A certified abutters list must be obtained from the Assessor’s office to begin the process. Approval Not Required (ANR) Under Subdivision Law applications do not require abutter notification.

Who Processes the Mailing

Depending on the permit type either you or staff will complete the mailings. There are two mailings which must be completed within specified time lines and via either First Class mail and / or Certified First Class Return Receipt mailing. Staff will direct you once you file the application. Mailing costs are the responsibility of the applicant.

Important Note for Abutters with Regards to Public Hearings / Meetings

Please note that you will only receive the two mailings listed above. If a public hearing / meeting is continued you will not receive a new notice of the continuance. You can keep track of continuances on the Town’s website or contacting staff.

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