Planning Board Meeting Materials - October 22, 2018

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1. 6:30 p.m. - Call to Order

2. Action Item 2A: Draft Meeting Minutes

2. Action Item 2B: Request for Determination of Minor Modification - Drainage Change / Trench - 0 School Street Solar Project - Batten Street Solar LLC (Applicant); Cover Letter, Plan, Memorandum from Conservation Agent, 10/18/18

2. Action Item 2C: Approval Not Required (ANR) Plan - 36 Laurelwood Drive - John Breault (Applicant / Owner); Application; Plan.

2. Action Item 2D: M.G.L Chapter 91 Waterways Simplified License Application Number W18-5330 - 117 Birch Island Road - Request for Comments from MassDEP– maintain existing retaining wall and residential dock with stairs and three bottom-anchored aluminum seasonal floats and deck; John Briere (Owner / Applicant).

3. Old Business 3A: Follow Up on Town Meeting Warrant Articles - Solar and Recreational Marijuana

4. New Business

5. Correspondence

6. Staff Update

7. Any items which may lawfully come before the Board.

8. Next Meeting Date

9. Adjournment