Planning Board Meeting Materials - October 11, 2018

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1. 6:30 p.m. - Call to Order

2. Action Item 2A: Draft Meeting Minutes

2. Action Item 2B: Request for Determination of Minor Modification - Wireless Communications Facility - New Antennas - 0 Goya Road; Cover Letter, Plan Set, Attachments

2. Action Item 2C: Request for Determination of Minor Modification - Drainage Change / Trench - 0 School Street Solar Project - Batten Street Solar LLC (Applicant); Cover Letter, Plan

3. Public Hearing 3A - Solar Project - 0 & 153 Upper Gore Road - BWC Chamberlain Pond LLC c/o BlueWave Solar - Applicant; Janet S. Konkel Revocable Living Trust, Janet S. Konkel Trustee (0 Upper Gore Road - Assessor ID 52-A-1-0) and Victor J. Stefanik, Jr. (153 Upper Gore Road - Assessor ID 53-B-4-0) - Owners; Proposed 5 megawatt-AC solar project on 133 acres off Upper Gore Road; both properties are zoned Agriculatural Single Family Residential (ASFR) within the Lake Watershed Protection district. (Continued from 9/10/18).

3. Public Hearing 3B - Amendments to the Webster Zoning By-Law, Article XI - Solar Use Facilities; Citizen's Petition

3. Public Hearing 3C - Proposed New Articles and Revisions to the Webster Zoning By-Law Pertaining to Recreational Marijuana; Amendment to Article XII - Temporary Moratorium on Recreational Marijuana Establishements; sponsored by the Town Administrator

3. Public Hearing 3D - Proposed Zoning Change from Multi-Family Residential (MFR) to Business within Sewer (B4), 100 and 104 Thompson Road; sponsored by the Planning Board

4. Public Meeting 4A - Site Plan Application for a Medical Waste Transfer Facility at 56 Worcester Road; (Assessors ID 87-A-1-1) United Medical Waste Management Inc. (Applicant); Six Kids Trust c/o Dawn Lindstrom Trustee (Owner); property is zoned Industrial (I) and within the Lake Wastershep Protection District district. (Continued from 9/10/18).

5. Old Business 4A: Barry's Equipment - Site Plan, Harry's Way - Change in Materials

6. Correspondence

7. Staff Update

8. Any items which may lawfully come before the Board.

9. Next Meeting Date

10. Adjournment