Town Collector


Real Estate Bills are issued by mail twice a year: the last week of June and the last week of December, but are DUE quarterly:
      August 1 (covers July, August, September)
      November 1 (covers October, November, December)
       February 1 (covers January, February, March)
      May 1 (covers April, May, June)

Interest accrues daily at 14% on bills not paid by due date (no grace period)

If due date falls on a weekend, the bills will be due on that Monday. 

Water/Sewer Bills are issued quarterly and due roughly in-between our quarterly Real Estate bills.

Motor Vehicle Excise Bills information is issued to each Town in Massachusetts directly from the
Registry of Motor Vehicles. The 1st commitment is issued in mid-February and due mid-March.
More commitments are issued throughout the year.

All bills are payable by:

Mail (interest accrues until the day we receive the mail, not the postmark date)

Online by bank account or credit card (the Town is not responsible for website issues)

In-Person at the Collector’s Office

Bills are NOT payable:

  • Over the phone

To obtain delinquent/current tax information, you must order a Municipal Lien Certificate.

The cost is $50.00 (per parcel)

Payable to the Town of Webster

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope to return the MLC

Pay online


For properties that have been liened, all outstanding taxes, legal fees and costs incurred by the Town must be paid by the property owner prior to an Instrument of Redemption being issued by the Town Treasurer. Please call the Treasurer’s Office at (508) 949-3800 ext. 4006 for more information and to receive payoff amounts.


I received a Real Estate bill but no longer own the property?

Contact the Assessor’s Office (508) 949-3800  ext. 4009

I no longer own this vehicle?

File for an abatement with the Assessor’s Office (508) 949-3800  ext. 4009

The RMV says I have an old excise bill to pay? 

Contact Kelley & Ryan, Deputy Collector, (508) 473-9660

I need to change my mailing address?

Real Estate bills: Contact the Assessor’s Office (508) 949-3800  ext. 4009

Water/Sewer bills: Contact the Water/Sewer Department (508) 949-3861 or 3865

Can I make one check for multiple bills?

Yes, you may combine Real Estate, Water/Sewer, and Motor Vehicle Excise bills together on one check (please total correctly or the entire payment will be returned)

No, you can NOT pay combined with other departments such as dog licenses, building permits, etc.