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SWCCC Dispatch Personnel

The South Worcester County Communications Center is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by a minimum of two Public Safety Telecommunicators/Dispatchers. The SWCCC staff consists of the Communications Center Director, a dedicated full time staff of eleven dispatchers, and an equally dedicated per-diem staff of six dispatchers.

Full-Time Personnel

Name Rank Serving Since
Gregory Lynskey Communications Center Director 2004
Rebecca Prefontaine Supervisor 2012
Veronica Oleszewski Supervisor 2015
Kristin Munger Dispatcher 2002
Bonnie Pearl Dispatcher 2005
Joan Laplante Dispatcher 2012
Samantha Putis Dispatcher 2019
Abagayle Fournier Dispatcher 2021
Stephen Bouchard Dispatcher 2022
Jessica Mahota Dispatcher 2022
Connor Wieloch Dispatcher 2022

Per-Diem Personnel

Name Rank Serving Since
Scott Baldracchi Dispatcher 2008
Steven Chenard Dispatcher 2015
Trina Deary Dispatcher 2022
Elizabeth Fish Dispatcher 2019
Pedro Jorge Dispatcher 2018
Victoria Longo Dispatcher 2017